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A shocking racist rant

A Sydney woman has been praised for leaping to the defence of a Muslim women during a shocking racist rant aboard a Sydney train.

Belmore robbery

A young worker has been left bound and gagged for almost an hour during a terrifying armed hold up at a Belmore hotel. Matthew Snelson reports.

More homes for Sydney

First on 7: One of Sydney's most ambitious building projects has been given development approval and construction could start mid-year. Mike Duffy reports.

Dash cams for cash

Car insurers are looking at offering premium discounts to drivers who fit dash cams to their vehicles. David Eccleston reports.

New crisis for public hospitals

FIRST ON 7: Public hospitals are about to go into crisis over what the Australian Medical Association is calling a 'perfect storm' of funding. Eammon Atkinson reports.

Social report - April 16

What's clicking around the internet - terrifying footage of a mobile freefalling off a Dubai skyscraper, how one lady wore the same outfit to work for three years and the secret behind Dennis...

Alzheimers breakthough

US scientists have discovered a potential cause of Alzheimers which could lead to breakthrough treatments.

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