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avid julienner of carrots.

She eats a lot of raw food she said.

Nicole Kidman's new thriller is in cinemas today.

It's called Before I Go To Sleep, based on the best-selling book about a woman with memory loss.

We sent our zany UK showbiz correspondent Steve Hargrave to interview the Oscar winner in London.

Poor Nicole, she had no idea what she was in for.

Who are you?

I'm your husband.


You had a bad accident.

You store up information for a day.

When you wake up in the morning, it's all gone.

Nicole Kidman's new film is about a woman who suffers from severe memory loss - every day she wakes up and doesn't remember where she is or who she is.

Which is funny because I suffer that same condition myself.

I'm often waking up in strange rooms with random red-haired women.

Wake up, Steve.


Wake up.




Where am I?

Where am I?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who am I?

(LAUGHS) I think you're Australian.

I could tell by that accent.


I've only said two words.

Oh, there we go, a few more than that.

I'm pretty good.

That's why they employ me on Sunrise.

I'm gonna work on my acting because clear one of us has an Oscar, the other one doesn't and I'll leave the people at home to decide which of those is the case.

You're silly.

I want you to keep a visual diary.

My name is Christine Lucas.

Tonight as I sleep, my mind will erases everything I know today.

Before I Go To Sleep is based on the bestselling book.

Nicole's character can't even remember who her husband is.

He's played by Colin Firth.

She starts to piece her life together by recording video messages to work out what happened the night before.

We've all been there, haven't we?

I've had quite few times where I've woken up and not remembered stuff but that's for other reasons.



(LAUGHS) Let me help you with that.

Which we won't go into on telly! There is an interesting fact in this film, though, because you walk up every day next to Colin Firth.


I do.

My mum, she would love that.

She would?

I think a lot of women would like to do that, yeah.

I mean, I've done.



This is my second film and then we're about to start another film together, actually, next month.

But not.



We have very few scenes together in that other film.

This, we were still married in this film - next film, we're divorced.

Oh, sorry to hear that.

Oh, well, I know.

Gave it away.

Is it good working with him, though?

You enjoy it, though, obviously a great partnership.

Yeah, I love working with him.

He's obviously one of the greatest actors so he can lift your game.

And he's just very funny and he's very dry and easy.

I find him very easy.

Which, at this stage in my career, I'm not seeking out the really difficult personalities.


I really like to be able to go and enjoy myself because so much of my desire to work only comes from the desire to have a good experience.

(UP-TEMPO MUSIC) Of course Nicole's real-life hubby is country star Keith Urban.

The couple has homes in both the US and in Sydney.

Earlier this year she came back Down Under to make her next movie, Strangerland, and the pair are always keen to make sure the kids grow up the Australian way.

What's it like taking the kids back because last time we spoke to you we talked about - you obviously live in Nashville but you bring the kids up with a good Aussie heritage.


We go back a lot.

We then went back in June for Keith did a big Aussie tour, which was terrific, 'cause I wasn't working then.

We were there in April for Strangerland.

We're a tight family.

Is it important to bring them up with that, kind of.



make sure they've got the Aussie accent, teach them some Aussie words?

Oh, yeah.

And they feel very a part of Australia - they still are Australian.

They're Nashvillian and they're Sydneysiders, that's what they are.

It's a wonderful combination.

Yeah, they're cool kids.

They're really fun to be around.

They're very easy-going 'cause they're all over the word and they've seen a lot already and they're only 3 and 6.

I'll come with you next time.

I'm due a visit.


I'll take you in my bag.

Will I fit?

Make sure you sleep.

I will do! (LAUGHS) Don't trust anyone.

You want the truth?

I'll tell you the truth! I'm scared.

Stay away from my wife.

Whatever happened that night, whatever I've done, I have to remember.

That looks like a good thriller.

I Before I Go To Sleep is in cinemas like it too.

And we should point out that Steve interviewed Nicole shortly before her father passed away.

Our thoughts go out to Nicole and her family.