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Good morning.

Good morning.

The Federal Government's plan to help free Australian journalist Peter Greste from an Egyptian prison has suffered a major blow.

Egypt's new president has declared he won't interfere in judicial matters - dashing hopes of a pardon for the Australian journalist who's been jailed for seven years.

Hundreds of journalists have held a silent protest in London, expressing their outrage at the sentence.

Freezing temperatures, howling winds, pouring rain and heavy snow have hammered large parts of the east coast.

For the latest I'm joined by Michael Felgate in Melbourne, Edwina in Sydney and Stuart Diver at Thredbo.

Good morning to you all.

Michael to you first.

Emergency services were kept busy overnight in Melbourne.

Certainly were, Bec.

The clean-up continues this morning.

They received more than 2,500 calls at the storm's peak yesterday.

There was chaos throughout the city as the Yarra bust its banks here at Southbank and further into the CBD.

Trees were uprooted.

Trucks were blown over.

Even a shipping container was blown over.

Boats were ripped off their moorings.

Unfortunately, there was another wall collapse - this time, thankfully, there was no fatality, but a woman still remains in a serious condition in hospital after a wall was blown over in Yarraville.

Another woman is in a critical condition after a tree fell on her car.

As I said, more than 2,500 calls to SEC services yesterday, and also rail commuters were thrown into chaos, with a number of the lines that were out of play due to the storms.

Thankfully, today, there's a respite.

But the weather warning is - more wild weather later in the week.

Very wild day.

Thank you very much, Michael.

Eddy, there's more severe weather expected in Sydney today?

There is, Bec.

There's a severe weather warning in place for Sydney, the Illawarra, the central and southern tablelands, the Snowy Mountains as well, where the blizzard conditions will return today.

Similar areas that were affected yesterday.

Most of the damage done.

Certainly not as dramatic as Melbourne.

It was trees down, roofs damaged.

The SES in NSW received 847 calls for help.

They are expecting many more, though, this morning as people wake up to damage.

They have 360 crews in the field this morning, so they can get to those call-outs as soon as possible.

Also, 12,000 homes are without power this morning.

Again, they're hoping to return power to those homes as quickly as possible.


Thank you, Eddy.

Good news for our snowfields, with massive dumps in the last 24 hours.

Stuart, are the good falls set to continue?

Hi, Bec.

Yeah, we've had over 1m of snow over the last few days in Thredbo, and we're looking to get another 50cm - this really sets us up for the entire season.

There's a lot of people coming down for the school holidays.

There's a lot of happy business owners.

I think it's going to be an absolutely fantastic, not only couple of weeks down here, but also a full season, which we've got 3.

5 months to go.

It's going to be a wonderful day out there today.

The snow, as you can see behind me, still falling.

This really is meant to continue for the next seven days.


Great news for the snow bunnies.

Thank you very much.

Great to see you, Stuart.

Thank you.

A Muslim activist who booked to give a talk about honour killings at the Sydney Opera House has been pulled from the line-up.

Sunrise correspondent Sophie Hull joins us now.

Sophie, who is this man?

Good morning again, Bec.

Uthman Badar is his name.

He's a spokesperson and writer from the group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is an Islamic group banned in both the Netherlands and Germany, and a group that Tony Abbott said he would ban in Australia once coming into power as prime minister.

He hasn't yet done that, and this speech was included as part of the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas, which is a summit held in Sydney exploring contentious debate and issues.

Salman Rushdie was one of the other speakers due to take part.

This speech was entitled Honour Killings Are Morally Justified, and Alan Jones, social commentator, says we should have let the man speak.

Here's what Alan Jones had to say.

I'm perhaps rather glad the old Festival of Dangerous Ideas, rather appropriately named, embraced this bloke, even if temporarily, because we're at least talking about it.

And it is alerting Australians to the very dangerous ideas that come out of the mouths of these people.

Uthman Badar says the speech - Honour Killings Are Morally Justified - an honour killing, of course, being where a woman is killed by her own family if she's perceived to have brought shame on them - he says he wasn't going to advocate violence against women, but explore the idea that if children are being sent to war, perhaps this is an idea worthy of discussion as well.

People over the organiser's head here have deemed it isn't an appropriate discussion for the Opera House, and the state Arts Minister is intending to probe a bit further in the first place.


Very controversial.

Thank you, Sophie.

The Queen has visited the set of TV series Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland.

She and husband Prince Phillip took a tour of the armoury and sets used to shoot interior scenes.

The 88-year-old monarch was offered a chance to sit in the famous throne but politely declined.

She also gave a speech during a special banquet in her honour at Belfast City Ha** GFX ** at Belfast City Hall One royal fan managed to get a sneaky selfie with the British monarch