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Social media experts say that while all eyes are on Donald Trump tonight on the final day of the Republican National Convetion, Senator Ted Cruz continues to dominate online buzz. (July 21)

Private space contractor SpaceX made a successful delivery of a docking port to the International Space Station Wednesday. Earlier this year, one of the new docking rigs was destroyed in a launch …

The nonprofit Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is climbing and cloning the world's oldest and largest trees, including California's giant sequoias and coast redwoods, to help combat global warming. …

Do you really need a fitness tracker? it might help if you're new to exercise or looking to increase your physical activity, but as AP Tech write Nick Jesdanun explains, it's worth it to explore …

A tiny, ingestible robot could be a new tool for healing serious stomach wounds. Researchers call it an “origami robot” because the accordion-shaped gadget is folded and frozen into an ice …

The CDC is updating its recommendations for the prevention of the Zika virus following the announcement that the first woman has been found to transmit the virus to a male partner though sex. (July …

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the Zika virus is "both unprecedented and tragic" and hoped for more funding a day after Senate Republicans rejected a new …

The creators of "Pokemon Go" have updated the popular app to change the registration process after an earlier version required overly broad permission for those using a Google account as a sign-in. …