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On a November outing to Nassau in the Bahamas, John and his family went to the Dolphin Encounter and were stunned to discover how friendly this dolphin was with human visitors! John exchanged kisses …

Thanksgiving can be a tiring day for anyone, what with all the fun, festivities and, of course, the abundance of food. This Florida baby was feeling the effects of a long day, but was conflicted by …

When this parrot and budgie duo first came face-to-face, they appeared intimidated by each other and their owner wasn’t sure if the pair could ever be friends. Fast forward just a little over a …

Asa Marie recently reached the milestone of 90 years of age. Far from taking it easy in this older stage of life, she has a passion for football and loves to practice keepy-uppys. According to …

Stargazers are frequently found by divers in Australia’s Port Phillip Bay, where the creatures lie in wait for unsuspecting fish to swim by. They can use electricity to stun their prey and then …

Babies can be particularly challenging eaters, as one Phoenix mother, Jennifer Magnusson, found out on November 14. Nine month old Lucas wanted to feed himself and his mother happily relented. …

When storms lashed Spokane, Washington, recently, chaos ensued. Several power lines in the area were dragged down by the force of the winds, while many trees were also toppled. The trees surrounding …

Jaieden’s happy hamsters are thoroughly spoilt by their adoring owner. They seem to be more than happy to let their owner place them in a bathtub or a rocking crib in their hamster house. Of course …