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Sally’s cat clearly fancies himself as something of a gymnast. Having recently been caught on camera executing an awkward kitchen leap, the adventurous feline has since returned to perform more …

On August 19th, esteemed piping star David Power uploaded a video of 10-year-old Cian totally shredding on his pipe. His song of choice is “The Boy in the Gap.” Cian certainly seems to have …

While attending Dragon Con 2015 at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia, Teej came across an automatic soap dispenser that may have a particular preference when it comes to race. Teej, who has a …

What would you do if you found a rattlesnake in a trash can? For Joel, who runs West Virginia wildlife sanctuary Point of View Farm, the answer to that question was a no-brainer. She simply had to …

Point of View Farm is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary in West Virginia, and Joel says that all the animals he raises are orphans. On a summer hike, two fawns accompanied Joel and a pair of bear cubs …

Some days you’re bright and energetic, bursting to meet new friends. Others, you’re not up for seeing anyone at all. If Justin was in the first bracket while spending a day at the beach with …