1. 3:53

    Mike Baird's first day as NSW Premier; search continues for ferry passengers; oil slick not linked...

  2. 0:28

    Officials searching for missing flight MH370 say an oil slick is not linked to the jet.

  3. 1:54

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are heading to the Sydney Royal Easter Show today.

  4. 1:44

    South Korean authorities admit there is almost no chance of more survivors after a ferry capsized.

  5. 0:23

    An expert witness hired by Oscar Pistorius is refusing to testify at his trial.

  6. 0:51

    Ukraine and Russia have agreed to active deescalation of tensions.

  7. 0:26

    A dangerous convicted rapist is believed to be on the loose in Sydney.

  8. 1:58

    Newly appointed NSW Premier Mike Baird has promised to restore integrity to the state.

  9. 0:24

    The bodies of two men killed in a mine collapse in NSW have been recovered.

  10. 0:27

    An Australian journalist has been released on bail after facing court in Thailand.

  11. 0:38

    Vladimir Putin has denied his country is intercepting hundreds of calls from its citizens.