1. 1:32

    A man has been charged with murder after two sisters were killed in Melbourne.

  2. 1:33

    Leaders from both political parties are paying tribute to former NSW Premier Neville Wran.

  3. 0:24

    The Pope has conducted Easter services at the Vatican.

  4. 0:23

    Australia will help provide emergency schooling for children caught up in the Syrian war.

  5. 1:35

    At least 58 people are confirmed dead in a ferry disaster off South Korea.

  6. 0:24

    It has been claimed China is building up spy networks in universities in Australia.

  7. 0:31

    A mother who had to flee her burning car in a lion enclosure has spoken of her dilemma.

  8. 0:33

    Thousands of disability pensioners could face health checks to prove they're eligible.

  9. 0:29

    Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine have appealed foo peacekeepers after a deadly fight smashed a truce.

  10. 1:41

    One million people are expected to line the route of the Boston Marathon.

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    The latest national morning weather forecast from 7News.