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Government strategists are working on ways of protecting Tony Abbott's leadership, if a critical by-election in Western Australia doesn't go the Coalition's way. Mark Riley reports.

Global giant BP has promised to create hundreds of new jobs and pump millions of dollars into the South Australian economy. Peter Caldicott reports.

An Adelaide court has heard an emotional statement from Nanette Clarke who was brutally bashed and left to die at Port Lincoln twelve years ago. Deanna Williams reports.

A US traveller is in a critical condition at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, after catching his leg in the Melbourne-bound freight train he was riding. Kimberley Pratt reports.

The state government has denied a wholesale shake-up of the education department's head office is an attempt to force redundancies. Belinda Heggen reports.

Waled Elriche was in Parramatta Court to be sentenced for stalking and intimidation. He lashed out at reporters before being jailed. Bryan Seymour reports.

FIRST ON 7: There is serious money to be saved on a wide range of discounts that are strictly for seniors. Lee Jeloscek reports.

A huge new study tabled has found a high incidence of diabetes in those taking just one course of antibiotics every few years. Adene Cassidy reports.