Video shows dramatic rescue after girl falls into panda enclosure

This is the moment a security guard pulls a little girl to safety after she toppled into a panda enclosure just as three of the bears get dangerously close.

The heart-stopping moment took place at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on February 9.

Footage from the panda base in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in south-western China, shows the young girl trapped in a narrow ditch on the edge of the enclosure.

Three giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) can be seen approaching the child as the rescue takes place.

Bystanders watch on as the panda’s approach the little girl moments after she fell into the enclosure. Source: Australscope
A security guard dangles down from the ledge as he tries to save the child. Source: Australscope

The video shows the security guard trying to lift the girl out of the ditch using a thin pole, but she is unable to cling on, forcing him to squeeze through the balustrade gaps in order to reach her.

She is eventually lifted to safety, with the guard losing his cap in the process, as the bears and other concerned tourists watch on.

The Chengdu panda base confirmed that neither the girl nor the pandas came to any harm during the ordeal.

It is still unclear how exactly the girl fell into the enclosure, but the facility has warned that pandas are territorial and can be aggressive.

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