'This makes me so angry': Video of child being hit by car divides opinion

Video of a child being hit by a car has divided opinion after it was uploaded to Facebook.

Dash Cam Owners Australia uploaded video to Facebook of the incident which occurred on Tuesday about 9pm.

It’s not known where the footage was filmed.

A white car in the right lane appears to slow down to allow a family to cross the road – but a blue hatchback driving in the left lane isn’t aware of the pedestrians.

As the hatchback approaches the white car, a child runs out in front of it with an adult pushing a pram in tow.

The child (circled) runs out onto the road before behind knocked to the ground. Source: Facebook/ Dash Cam Owners Australia

The hatchback driver hits the brakes before hitting the child who falls over. The child then gets back up.

Dash Cam Owners Australia said the video is a reminder that people need to be cautious when children are near the road. It added the child featured in the video wasn’t injured.

It’s not clear whether the white car was stopped to let the pedestrians cross or because of traffic congestion in the right lane.

However, one woman wrote if it was the former, the white car “shouldn’t have stopped”.

“This makes me so angry,” she wrote.

“This is why I get so angry when people stop to let children cross the road when they aren’t meant to. It was an island not a zebra crossing. The white car shouldn’t have stopped to let the child cross in the first place and the child wouldn’t of run in front of the other car.”

Some people said the adult with the child should have been holding their hand but others pointed out it would have been difficult given the person was pushing a pram. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Another woman asked, “why let someone cross when it’s not a crossing?”

Others were in awe at the hatchback driver’s quick reaction to a situation which could have been tragic.

“Great driving. I hope the driver is OK. That’d be one hell of a shock,” one woman wrote.

Some suggested the person crossing with the child was at fault.

“Great parenting once again,” one woman wrote.

One woman wrote the parent and child should have crossed holding hands and others agreed.

But another woman pointed out the adult already had their hands full pushing a pram.

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