VIDEO: Inflation, Solomons and 'Albo's iso' dominate campaign's third week.

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University of Canberra Professional Fellow Michelle Grattan and University of Canberra Associate Professor Caroline Fisher discuss the week in politics.

They canvass the elevation of cost of living pressures in the election battle, with the big spike in inflation and interest rates set to rise as early as next Tuesday (and no later than next month). Meanwhile national security has played into the campaign, but in a way that has had the government on the back foot, warding off criticism it hadn’t done enough to prevent the Solomons-China security pact.

The climate debate is running again, with division within the Coalition, the teals nipping at Liberal heels, and the government trying to raise a scare about Labor’s policy.

Michelle and Caroline also discuss Albanese’s week in “iso” and Labor’s campaigning when the leader was on his sickbed.

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