Video emerges of ferry with 118 passengers sinking off Indonesia's Sulawesi island

Ben Brennan and agencies

Footage has emerged showing the final moments before a ferry sank in Indonesian waters, with about 80 people still missing and fading hopes for their survival.

The vessel sank off Sulawesi on Saturday. Video shot on a mobile phone by a passenger shows people floundering the water as the stricken boat lists dangerously.

The amateur footage shows some passengers in life boats and others floating in the rough seas. Photo: Screenshot

The are 74 people, including an unknown number of children, still missing. As of yesterday, only three people had officially been declared dead.

According to recent reports, 47 people have been pulled from the water alive, including the ship’s captain who was among the last rescued.

Rescuers now say they hold slim hopes for the survival of the remaining passengers who are still missing.

Alamsyah, the head of Indonesia’s Disaster Mitigation Agency told Reuters search and rescue efforts would continue for four more days.

"We will continue searching until the seventh day," he said.

The video was recorded from the deck of the sinking vessel. Photo: Screenshot

"Considering that they have been out there for three times 24 hours, I am a little bit pessimistic, but we have found two more people alive today, so I am praying for these 74 people."

The ferry was carrying had 118 on board when it went down in the Gulf of Bone off Sulawesi island on Saturday.

One survivor told media in Indonesia passengers had heard a loud noise and felt a jolt before water rushed into the vessel, causing it to list.

The photographer struggles to hold the camera steady as wave batter the boat. Photo: Screenshot

"The wave was very big, like a mountain approaching, as big as a house," she said.

The woman said he grandson had survived the disaster but three of her family members were still missing.