Video captures Kharkiv TRC clash with civilians

Brawl in Kharkiv: TRC Staff, Civilians Conflict, Partial Video
Brawl in Kharkiv: TRC Staff, Civilians Conflict, Partial Video

A video widely shared on social media captures only part of a conflict between Territorial Recruitment Center (TRC) servicemen and a man and a woman, the Kharkiv TRC reported on Facebook on June 10.

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The TRC described the video as “another instance of manipulative information distortion.”

The incident occurred on June 10 during a citizen notification operation in Kharkiv Oblast, the TRC said. Servicemen asked the man to show his military registration documents, but he rudely refused. While waiting for the police, several other citizens approached the TRC employees and verbally attacked them.

One of the servicemen was injured. Authorities have launched a criminal investigation. The TRC clarified that the servicemen initially tried to avoid conflict but were forced to defend themselves. This latter part was captured on video.

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“We urge the public and media representatives to refrain from premature judgments and comments until the investigative actions and corresponding court decisions are concluded,” the TRC statement said.

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