Victorian sex worker's fatal fire timeline


* November 13, 2020 - Abbey Forrest and Inderpal 'Indi' Sohal welcome the arrival of their baby girl Ivy Kaur Forrest-Sohal.

* November 15, 2020 - The family moves into a townhouse on Totem Way, Point Cook.

* December 1, 2020 - A friend of Mr Sohal, who was offered use of a downstairs bedroom when he needed it, arranged for sex worker Jenny Hayes to come to the house and provide services.

DECEMBER 2, 2020

* 12.28am - Hayes sends the friend three photos of herself with a description and prices. He arranges to go to the Totem Way townhouse.

* 2.06am - Hayes arrives at the house.

* 2.08am - Prosecutors say the friend told Hayes to keep her voice low because his friends were sleeping upstairs. Hayes says she didn't know anyone was there. She provides services to the friend, and there's a dispute. She claims he raped her and stole money from her handbag.

* 2.45am - Hayes sends three texts to the friend telling him "I'm charging you with rape", "You're going to jail f***er" and "Cops hit your numberplate". The friend blocked her number.

* 2.48am - Hayes texts the friend to say "I'm setting your house on fire right now", then goes to her car sending more texts a minute later including "You f***ed with the wrong person".

* 2.53am - Hayes returned to the house and sets a fire in the downstairs bedroom. She took four photos of the fire from the front porch area.

* 2.55am - Hayes returns to her car. Neighbours hear a voice screaming "fire, fire". A woman notices Mr Sohal trying to get out the window screaming out "help, help". Witnesses notice the bedroom fill with smoke.

* 3.02am - While driving away from the scene Hayes stops, reverses back to an intersection and takes a photo of the fire in the distance.

* 3.12am - Hayes sends a series of texts including "I'm so sick of people thinking they can do this s*** to me and nothing happens to them".

* December 3, 2020 - Hayes was charged with three counts of murder and three of arson causing death.

* June 15, 2022 - Hayes pleaded guilty to three charges of arson causing death. The murder charges were withdrawn.

* November 7, 2022 - Hayes faces a pre-sentence hearing in the Victorian Supreme Court. She will be sentenced at a later date.