Ten-year-old girl's heartfelt letter complaining about gambling advertising

A 10-year-old girl is hoping the Victorian Premier will take her advice when it comes to the advertising of gambling.

Bellarine Christian College school girl Mikayla Krivohlavek has written an in-depth letter to Premier Daniel Andrews outlining why she thinks there is too much advertising on gambling on TV.

"In my opinion, I think the ads on gambling are a bad influence," Mikayla told Yahoo7.

Mikayla hopes the gambling adverts will be removed from TV to moved to a later slot. Source: Supplied

The 10-year-old said she realised just how many gambling advertisements were on TV while she was watching with her parents.

She hopes the ads will, at the very least, be moved to a later time slot.

"People watching it may be influenced and waste their money on costs like school for their children and food," she said.

Not only this, but the 10-year-old also discovered she was easily able to open her own betting account using her name, her parents Paypal account and a fake age.

Mikayla said friends at school agree with her, as do her teachers.

Mikayla said gambling can hurt families. Source: Supplied
Mikayla said she hopes to grow up to be the prime minister. Source: Supplied

"I haven't received a response from Mr Andrews yet but I hope something changes from it," she said.

"I think it is the government's responsibility to look after families and not destroy them [through gambling]."

Mikayla said when she grows up she wants to be the Prime Minister because "I like voicing my opinions and thinking my own way".