Victorian e-scooter riders put on notice

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E-scooter riders are in the sights of Victoria Police, who will be ramping up enforcement as summer approaches.

The bright green Lime and orange Neuron scooters being trialled in Melbourne's CBD, the City of Yarra, Port Phillip and Ballarat can only be ridden in those precincts.

They cannot be used on footpaths, riders must always wear a helmet, only one person is allowed on board and only if the rider is over 18 years old.

On the spot fines of $185 or more can be issued for non-compliance with trial e-scooter rules.

Police will also be cracking down on privately-owned e-scooter usage, with current legislation deeming any non-trial e-scooter that can travel over 10km/h or over 200 watts to be illegal and cannot be used.

High-powered e-scooters are considered a motor vehicle and riders can attract a $925 fine for using an unregistered vehicle, with e-scooters currently unable to be registered and ridden legally on roads.

Drink and drug driving penalties also still apply to users and if caught with a blood alcohol level above 0.05, riders can lose their driver's licence.

Between December 2021 and August 2022, police issued 487 e-scooter infringements, with majority for failing to wear a helmet, riding e-scooters on the footpath and carrying more than one person on an e-scooter.