'Come back!' Police hunt for two armed fugitives who ran off from rescuers after crash

At first, it seemed to be a bad accident - a car flying through the air and landing in the front yard of a Melbourne home.

But when neighbours rushed to help two men after the car flipped and crashed, it quickly became apparent that this was much more than just an unfortunate accident.

The injured men didn't want any help, even though one of them was bleeding from the head.

A car flipped and landed in a stranger's front yard. Source: 7 News

"The man already out (of the car) was pretty alert and telling his mate to hurry up and get out," a witness said.

"I helped them get out of the car and then they just took off."

The injured men took off very quickly. Source: 7 News

Both immediately ran down the street, leaving weapons, including a machete, behind.

Police removed two knives and a baseball bat from the crashed ute.

"We are very, very fortunate that no-one has been killed or seriously injured as a result of this accident," Det Sgt Mark Wiederhold said.

Around 30 minutes later, and three kilometres from the crash site, the two men were spotted driving another stolen car, this time a black Toyota sedan.

Police recovered several weapons from the crashed car. Source: 7 News

They rammed a police car when officers tried to stop them at an intersection and drivers had to pull over to avoid being hit by the stolen car.

"It was close, I just put my brakes on - I was a bit shaky," one driver said.

Two police cars chased the stolen sedan, but it was too dangerous and they were forced to call off the pursuit.

The pair are believed to be driving a black Toyota Aurion. Source: 7 News

Police believe the men are travelling in a black Toyota Aurion with the registration WPQ 300.

They were last seen driving along Narre Warren Road in Cranbourne.

Anyone who sees the duo, believed to be armed, is advised to stay away but immediately call 000.