Cancer hoax mother who stole $200,000 faces victims in court

A South Australian mother who pretended she had terminal cancer in order to steal almost $200,000 has faced her angry victims in court.

Angie Walsh's crimes shocked the Victor Harbor community but the Cancer Council says it's not a rare case.

Walsh pretended to have cancer, scamming almost $200,000 from two of the most trusting members of her community - a parish priest and a nun.

Angie Walsh pretended to have cancer. Source: 7 News

Prosecutors described her actions as morally appalling - and the Cancer Council agrees.

"This scenario is not uncommon and we support the prosecution of anyone who takes advantage of the goodwill of South Australians," Lincoln Size said.

Mr Size says the fraudster's actions are an insult to genuine sufferers.

"To take an illness such as cancer, when we know that when genuine people who have a cancer diagnosis go through a significant amount of stress, is despicable act," Mr Size said.

Angie Walsh scammed almost $200,000. Source: 7 News
Mr Size said the Cancer Council wasn't surprised. Source: 7 News

The 40-year-old mother took advantage of Father Bill Brady and Sister Theresa Swiggs, telling them she needed money for treatment or she would die.

The court heard Walsh had a long criminal history dating back almost 20 years.

The 40-year-old mother took advantage of Bill Brady and Sister Theresa Swiggs. Source: 7 News

The prosecutor said Walsh's offending was manipulative and sophisticated and motivated by greed not need.

She remains in custody with sentencing to be handed down next month.