Victims of Russia's shelling of Kharkiv on May 14 up to 22, including children

Aftermath of shelling of Kharkiv on May 14
Aftermath of shelling of Kharkiv on May 14

At least 22 people were injured after Russia's large-scale attack on Kharkiv on May 14, Kharkiv Governor Oleh Synehubov reported on Telegram on May 15.

It was reported earlier that 18 people were injured, including a 12-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl. Both remain in stable condition.  10 women and 5 men were among the injured.

The city was subjected to at least six shellings throughout the day, he said.

The Russians attacked Kharkiv with S-300 missiles, drones, and UMB D-30 SN long-range guided bombs.

About 20 high-rise buildings, homes, garages, cars, and a school were damaged in the repeated shelling, Synehubov said.

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<span class="copyright">Олег Синєгубов/Telegram</span>
Олег Синєгубов/Telegram

A 79-year-old woman died and two were injured after the Russian invaders attacked Vovchansk, Synehubov said.

Ukraine's Defense Forces repelled 11 attacks on the Kharkiv front during the day, he said. 16 Russian attacks were repulsed on the Kupyansk front. The enemy is not succeeding, he added.

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A total of 7,991 people have been evacuated from Kharkiv Oblast.

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