Victim's fight to get redress continues

Megan Neil

A charity founded by Prince Charles has ducked its responsibility to child sexual abuse victims after Fairbridge failed to join the national redress scheme, a survivor says.

The Prince's Trust took steps so abuse survivors could seek redress related to the defunct Fairbridge Society, but Fairbridge Restored did not sign up to the scheme by the June 30 deadline.

President of the Old Fairbridgians Association of Western Australia, Richard Hinch said he would not stop fighting for redress for former child migrants who were abused while under the care of the Fairbridge Society.

"I'm very disappointed but I'm definitely not about to give up," he told AAP on Wednesday.

"I'm quite prepared to fight these buggers right to the end."

The Prince's Trust, the youth charity founded by the Prince of Wales in 1976, this year reinstated Fairbridge as an organisation in the UK, under administrators, and provided funding for redress.

"I've got a feeling this may be one way that they're trying to duck their own responsibility," Mr Hinch said.

"I'm about to write another letter to Prince Charles letting him know that the fight's on.

"If I can find some way to sue these bastards, I will."

Mr Hinch said the federal government's financial sanctions against the six institutions that failed to join the redress scheme would not impact Fairbridge.

"That won't make any difference to Fairbridge because they don't exist in Australia, so therefore they are not acting as a charity and they get no funding from the Commonwealth government.

"It won't make any difference whatsoever."

Mr Hinch called on the Commonwealth and state governments to step in as the funder of last resort, given child migrants were sent to most Australian states by the Fairbridge Society between 1912 and 1970.

The Fairbridge Society ceased to exist in the early 1980s when its child migration programs ended, although a replacement organisation continued working in the UK until it became part of The Prince's Trust in 2011 and was dissolved two years later.

Comment has been sought from the Prince's Trust and Fairbridge's administrators.