The victims of the Bourke Street rampage

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The six fatalities in the Bourke St rampage have been remembered in Coroner Jacqui Hawkins' report on Thursday

* Zachary Bryant, 3 months

Parents Matthew and Nawwar, older sister Zara

"Zachary was perfect, but he was too perfect for this world ... We choose to focus on these memories and the blessing that was his life, instead of the tragedy event which took it," dad Matthew Bryant told a memorial service a year after the rampage.

Coroner: "In his short three months and 14 days of life, he brought joy to all of those around him and was a 'delight to hold and cuddle'."

* Thalia Hakin, 10

She was due to start Year Five at Beth Rivkah Ladies College. Her nine-year-old sister, Maggie, and mother Nathalie were also caught up in the incident but both survived.

Thalia's father, Tony Hakin, called her a "gift from heaven, 10 years old with a smile that could melt a frozen heart and a bright future in front of her".

Coroner: "Thalia was described as 'very kind, intuitive, beautiful with a special spirit'. She brought joy, hope and light to her family."

* Yosuke Kanno, 25

Occupational therapist, moved to Melbourne from Japan in 2016 for further study.

"He had many friends back in Japan and made many friends here in Melbourne as well, many are still mourning his loss," brother Junpei Kanno said.

Coroner: "Due to his medical background, he was often a carer for family members and was especially dedicated to caring for his maternal grandmother, with whom he enjoyed a particularly close relationship."

* Jess Mudie, 22

From Sydney, worked in insurance, flew to Melbourne for work the day she died.

"An incredible person whose happiness and confidence projects on to all those around her," brother Kurt Mudie said of the Sydney insurance firm worker.

Coroner: "She showed love, compassion and empathy for all those in her life."

* Bhavita Patel, 33

Canberra-raised Ms Patel, a finance industry worker, died in hospital 10 days after the rampage. Ms Patel grew up in Canberra before pursuing a career in finance and moving to Melbourne. Chartered accountant, well on the way to partnership.

Coroner: "Bhavita lived life to the fullest. She relished new experiences and had a passion for food and travel. Above all else, Bhavita loved being around her family and friends. She was due to fly to Canberra to see her family the day after the Bourke St incident."

* Matthew Si, 33

Dux of his school in Perth in Year 12, architect, settled in Melbourne 2009

He and wife Melinda Tan had lunch before parting at Bourke St to return to their jobs. "I have had to adjust to a new life that will always be missing a loving husband and father," she said.

Coroner: "Matthew was a family man who was very proud of Melinda and Arya (their daughter) and would do anything to make them comfortable and happy."