Vic's growing hotel quarantine outbreak

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* Three cases linked to the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport, including two reported on Tuesday

* Two are hotel quarantine workers, one is a guest

* An authorised officer, aged in her 50s, tested positive on Sunday after working a shift

* A food and beverage worker, among the woman's 136 workplace close contacts, tested positive on Tuesday

* A female guest tested positive earlier on Tuesday

* She left quarantine on Sunday and sought testing after learning of the cluster

* Fellow returned travellers residing on the same floor who left quarantine that day must go into isolation for another 14 days

* Staff who worked on the floor will follow the same advice

* Only one social and household primary close contact of the woman has been identified so far

* No exposure sites initially identified as she only left home to get tested

* Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the cases are likely linked to transmission on a floor with known COVID-positive guests

* Health Minister Martin Foley said no further residents are being placed on the floor

* Mr Sutton said health authorities could close the hotel if the risk is shown to extend beyond the floor