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The high cost of electricity and gas is having a devastating effect on a growing number of Melbourne families. New figures show many are going deep into debt just to pay their energy bills. Georgia …

More than 2000 people have been killed or injured in crashes involving trucks in the past decade. Truckies say many of these could be avoided if motorists knew the safe braking distance for trucks. …

A blind man has been seen on security cameras falling onto train tracks at Merlynston station. The man’s guide dog tried to lead him away, but he misjudged the length of the carriage and stepped …

A drunk motorbike rider has been jailed for six years for mowing down a grandfather as he crossed the road. Alan Robison died in hospital two days after being hit as he left a restaurant in …

Underworld survivor Mick Gatto has been fined $2500 for keeping a loaded shotgun concealed in a wall at his home. His lawyer argued Gatto kept the gun for protection, fearing gangland rivals were …

A gunman has been arrested by heavily-armed police after a botched robbery on a drug house in Melbourne's west. They ripped a hole in the roof and dragged the man out after finding him cowering in a …