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Mexican police have confirmed a burnt-out van found in a region notorious for drug gangs belongs to two missing Australian surfers. DNA tests are being carried out on two bodies found in the vehicle. …

Obesity experts have accused food giants of exploiting advertising loopholes to sell junk food to children, which they say is fuelling the obesity crisis. They want the government to act. Jackie …

Oprah Winfrey has arrived in Melbourne to prepare for the first night of her Australian arena tour, as Kate Jones reports.

Angry firefighters have confronted Emergency Services Minister, Jane Garrett, over their long-running pay dispute. Brendan Donohoe reports.

The humble Tim Tam has sparked a corporate war between supermarket chain, Coles, and biscuit giant, Arnotts. Demands to increase the price of the treat have led to a stand-off, with chocolate lovers …

A seal has been found in Port Phillip Bay suffering severe stab wounds, with a harpoon embedded in its back. The injured animal will make a full recovery, but rescuers are determined to catch those …

Victorian homeowners are being warned that house prices could have further to fall. Melbourne recorded a worrying three-and-a-half percent drop last month. Georgia Main reports.

A service station worker has spoken of his terror after being tricked into letting four armed robbers into his shop. They threatened the young attendant with machetes and wooden poles, before making …

A gunman is on the run after shooting a man during an argument at an industrial estate in Melbourne's north. Brendan Roberts reports from the scene.

Drones could soon be patrolling some beaches to protect swimmers from sharks, sending early warnings about the predators. Karen O'Sullivan reports.