Bosses on notice after 11 Vic work falls

Victoria's health and safety watchdog has put bosses on notice after a spate of serious work-related falls.

Eleven people have been injured in serious worksite falls across the state since January 1, WorkSafe Victoria announced on Wednesday.

Two young workers suffered head injuries after plummeting several metres in separate scaffolding falls at Fitzroy and Dandenong within the past fortnight.

The spate of incidents has prompted a warning to employers not to neglect their duty to lessen the dangers linked to off-ground jobs.

"Our inspectors have zero tolerance for sites which do not take the risk of falls seriously," WorkSafe Victoria's Michael Coffey said in a statement.

"Any of the 11 incidents so far this year could have ended tragically, and what is frustrating for WorkSafe inspectors is that they see similar incidents over and over."

Some of the other building-site tumbles resulted in a fractured neck, broken pelvis and head cuts for three men in respective incidents.

A Ballarat construction company was recently fined $25,000 for ignoring a directive to fix unsafe scaffolding.

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