Vic teen burglars reprimanded by Vic judge

A group of teenagers armed and disguised by hoodies terrorised numerous residents during a "scandalous" nine-hour crime and burglary spree in Melbourne, a court has heard.

Two of them, Koang Jock and Madel Rout, both 19, were each sentenced to 15 months' jail and a three-year community corrections order on Friday by County Court judge Bill Stuart.

The judge said the teens should be ashamed of their roles in the crimes to which they have pleaded guilty.

Another youth is still to face court while a 16-year-old has appeared before a Children's Court. Not every member of the group took part in each incident.

About 12.15am on August 4 2016, the teens mugged a man on the streets of Clayton, punching him to the right eye and face and stealing his watch.

About 6.30am a man in his driveway was fleeced of his keys and then his $10,000 car.

About 90 minutes later, armed with hockey sticks, golf clubs and a metal pole, they broke into a home where a family was inside, assaulting the father and stealing an Xbox and a guitar.

One of them went to the daughter's bedroom, rummaging through her bedside table.

The man feared for the safety of his children, aged 10 and 12, who were in their bedrooms, so offered the group money to get out.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, then drove the victim in his own car to an ATM at Ringwood, where he withdrew $1000 and gave it to the teens.

The family's children suffered ongoing problems, with their little boy having become "withdrawn, worried and serious" and their daughter still unable to return to her own room, the court was told.

In a victim impact statement, mother Trish Evans said the teens who were "armed and disguised by hoodies, caused absolute terror in our children".

Judge Stuart denounced the teenagers "entering someone else's premises and behaving in a scandalous way".

"You should be downright ashamed of yourself," he told the two men.

"Imagine such a thing happening in Australia in your parents' home."

The group's spree continued as they targeted a home at Mitcham and subsequently at Blackburn, stealing goods and causing damage.

Finally they broke into a home at Blackburn about 9.35am, with a woman and her two young children arriving about 11 minutes into the burglary.

As the group fled, the youngest member threatened to return and kill the woman if she called police.

The boy has previously pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and making threats and was dealt with in the Children's Court.