The Victorian coroner is investigating how a toddler came to be left in a car for seven hours outside a childcare centre in 2015.

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It is one of two deaths being investigated of young children who were unintentionally left in cars.

Judge Sara Hinchey is examining the case of a mother who thought she had dropped off her 22-month-old son at child care.

The inquest, which starts on Wednesday, will look at possible physiological reasons behind someone inadvertently leaving a child in a car.

Noah Zunde was found in the back seat of his family's car outside a childcare centre in Kyneton on February 19, 2015.

He had been inside the car for seven hours when his mother discovered he was not in the centre, where she believed she had dropped him off.

The inquest will look at opportunities to prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

Little Noah Zunde had been inside his family car for seven hours.

At least five children have died in Victoria after being left in motor vehicles in the past decade, according to coronial records.

Monash University associate professor in psychology Matthew Mundy will be the only witness called to give evidence on Wednesday.

He has provided the coroner with two expert reports about the potential role that physiology and cognitive neuroscience of the human memory system may have played in the lead-up to children being unintentionally left in cars.

Dr Mundy says evidence suggests Noah's mother was severely sleep deprived and affected by other factors, which contributed to a memory failure sometimes referred to as "forgotten baby syndrome".

Noah's mother arrived at the childcare centre to pick up her son and was confused he was not there, his report says.

A childcare worker later said: "I am 100 per cent sure she believed she had dropped him off that morning."

Dr Mundy said the belief she had dropped off her son appears to be a case of false memory whereby an older long-term memory of a previous daycare drop-off had "filled in the blank".

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