Violent Vic criminal on the run

A Melbourne man charged with making threats to kill has been mistakenly freed from custody, with the bungle only discovered when he failed to appear in court a month later.

Violent Vic criminal on the run

Violent Vic criminal on the run

Police say Andrew Brian Males, 35, of Altona North, was released from custody up to a month ago as a result of an "administrative error".

The bungle only became apparent when Males did not appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday, despite him supposedly being held on remand.

Males is charged with making threats to kill, as well as serious assault and weapons-related charges.

Detective Superintendent Peter De Santo said Victoria Police and Corrections Victoria were investigating the circumstances surrounding his release from custody.

"At the current time, we believe that it is an administrative error ... and we're inquiring into that," he told reporters on Friday.

MDet Supt De Santo said the mix-up could have occurred as a result of Males' court appearance for a less serious burglary-related matter in April, for which he was on bail, and a concurrent remand warrant "may have been overlooked".

"We believe that he's possibly been at large for in excess of the last 30 days," Det Supt De Santo said.

"I don't think the community should feel let down.

"Crime Command, as soon as we've become aware of this, we've come to the public to notify the public about this person and we're now seeking to bring him in."

The public is advised not to approach Males, who is described as Caucasian, tattooed, balding and 180cm tall.

"He has a significant history of violence, including violence against women," Det Supt De Santo said.

He might be travelling to Mildura with a 36-year-old woman.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Males also goes by the name of Andrew Fraser.

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