Stars step into to find Maxi a cure

A Templestowe toddler will travel to the other side of the world in an attempt to diagnose his mystery disease.

Shane Warne, Molly Meldrum step in to find Maxi a cure

Shane Warne, Molly Meldrum step in to find Maxi a cure

With the help of some big name friends - including Molly Meldrum and Shane Warne - the family of three-year-old Maximus Gill will travel to the United States, in the hope of finding answers.

"This opportunity gives us a 30 per cent chance of a diagnosis which we didn't have before," Maxi's mum Yael Cohn said.

Maxi, now three, was a happy and healthy little boy until the age of nine months when Yael noticed a tumour in his eye and salmon-coloured skin lesions.

Maximus Gill and mum Yael Cohn. Photo: 7News

He went on to develop multiple brain lesions, high blood pressure, and lacked gross motor function.

Maxi's mysterious condition causes him to put on weight at a startling rate, regardless of how much he eats.

US next step in search for Maxi's cure

Maxi is the first Australian to be accepted into the Undiagnosed Diseases Program which only treats 25 children each year.

"He'll be undergoing general anaesthetic to do quite a lot of tests on him, which won't be pleasant, but it will be worthwhile because all the research will hopefully cure my son," Yael said.

Maxi developed symptoms at the age of nine months. Photo: Supplied

Yael is Molly Meldrum's former personal assistant. He helped raise awareness of Maxi's plight before the Shane Warne Foundation stepped into to cover costs of the trip.

Despite making weekly visits to the Royal Children's Hospital for the past two years, Maxi's diagnosis continues to baffle local specialists.

This could be the family's last chance to solve the medical mystery.

"Let's just hope it continues and we end up with happy and healthy Maxi," Yael said.

You can find out more about Maxi Gill and his condition on his website.

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