Public housing tenants trash family home

A family has trashed a public housing property in Melbourne's inner-north, leaving taxpayers with a $20,000 clean-up bill.

Public housing tenants trash family home

Public housing tenants trash family home

Eight people, including children, lived at the five-bedroom Northcote property for eight years before it was abandoned in January.

It is filthy, mould-ridden, foul smelling and littered with faeces.

Heaps of rubbish, furniture, household appliances and other belongings, including children's play equipment, have been dumped in the overgrown back yard.

Inside the property, the carpets are dirt-ridden and gaping holes have been smashed in almost every wall and door.

Mould on the ceilings, skirting boards and walls has left a putrid smell emanating throughout the 15-year-old property and a layer of filth coats almost every surface.

The clean-up is likely to cost at least $20,000. The tenants also owe an unpaid rent debt and have previously caused thousands of dollars of damage to another home.

The latest figures show public housing tenants owe more than $15 million in unpaid rent.

Victoria's Housing minister Wendy Lovell told 7News: "These people have been afforded a great opportunity by the Victorian taxpayer to live in a nice home at very reasonable rent, and to see it treated like that is very disappointing."

This example of complete and utter disrespect comes as the Victorian Government introduces strict new laws and a $3 billion overhaul of public housing.

Under new rules, residents who receive three warnings for anti-social behaviour over 12 months will be evicted and banned from re-applying for public housing.

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