Man rescued after getting stuck down hole
Man rescued after getting stuck down hole

A man has been rescued after becoming trapped down a large hole in the backyard of his Mernda home in Melbourne's outer north-east.

MFB spokesman Steve Pitcher said rescue crews were called to the Perry Street property, at around 1pm, where they discovered the man stuck down a trench beside a backyard pool.

It is understood the man fell into the 1.5 metre deep hole while trying to rescue his pet dog.

"He has fallen in there on his own and was unable to get out," Mr Pitcher told reporters.

A neighbour heard the man's cries for help and called Triple 0.

Around 40 emergency service workers were needed to retrieve the man from the hole.

He was treated by paramedics at the scene before being transferred to the Austin Hospital. It is believed he suffered minor injuries.

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