Truck crash on Melbourne s Bolte Bridge
Truck crash on Melbourne's Bolte Bridge

A truck that was dangling precariously from Melbourne's Bolte Bridge after an early morning collision has been removed using several cranes and a remote-controlled drone.

It's believed the driver may have swerved to avoid a collision before his truck twisted and flipped, throwing him into a 20-metre fall onto another road below.

The man is in a critical condition after the Friday morning crash on the busy CityLink tollway.

The road's inbound lanes have been closed since the accident, causing major delays.

Early on Friday afternoon the truck was secured with chains, and cranes lifted it off the edge of the bridge and onto the roadway.

Train services on the Upfield line, which runs under the crash scene, have been suspended during the delicate operation.

The MFB used a remote-controlled drone to send live footage of the truck to the crane driver as it was removed.

MFB Assistant Chief Officer Adam Dalrymple said it appeared the truck driver might have swerved to avoid a car that had suddenly veered in front of him.

"From all reports the car veered across and the truck took some evasive action and that's how the incident began," he told reporters at the scene.

"It's a pretty intense, horrific sort of incident."

Police say the truck collided with a car on the bridge shortly after 6.30am (AEST).

The driver of the truck, believed to be in his 30s, was ejected from the cabin and fell on to Mark Street, which runs below the bridge.

He was found by a nearby factory worker, who comforted him until an ambulance arrived.

"I just made sure he was conscious and kept him calm until paramedics were able to take over," the man told 7News reporter Michael Scanlan.

"He kept saying he was going to die."

Truck dangling from the Bolte Bridge. Photo: Michael Scanlan, @MScanlan7

The driver had suffered serious head and pelvic injuries, an Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman said.

He remains in a critical condition at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The other driver, a man believed to be in his 20s, suffered minor injuries and is in stable condition in hospital.

Truck hanging from the bridge. Photo: 7News

The area is the main arterial road from the Airport. The accident caused rush hour chaos across the city, with the inbound lanes of the Tullamarine Freeway closed.

CityLink says inbound lanes are expected to remain closed between Flemington Road and Footscray Road throughout the evening rush hour.

All outbound lanes over the Bolte Bridge are open and delays are expected.

Truck driver being assisted by paramedics. Photo: Michael Scanlan @mscanlan7

An eyewitness told ABC radio it was like something out of a Hollywood movie.

"It was a tip truck with a trailer on the back and the cabin part is hanging over the edge.

"There were three or four other cars a bit banged up and mess all over the road."

Truck crash in Melbourne. Photo: 7News
Driver critical after truck rollover on Bolte Bridge. Photo: 7News cameraman James Paul
Truck accident on the Bolte Bridge causes traffic chaos. Photo: 7News cameraman Chris Martin

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