A car has careered into a home in Melbourne's west, leaving a trail of destruction.

Police say a female driver blacked out at the wheel, and crashed through the garage of the family home in Caroline Springs.

The vehicle came to a stop in the backyard, just one metre from a swimming pool.

Homeowner Sandra Campbell said luckily both of her daughters were inside the property and not in the pool when the crash happened.

She said one of the girls had been using the pool very regularly.

"She's been going for a place in the regionals, and so she's been practicing her swimming. Thankfully she wasn't in the pool today. Thank goodness for the rain."

"It's complete devastation," Ms Campbell added. "Nobody is hurt, that's the main thing.

"The garage can be fixed, the things can be replaced and my girls are alright."

The 26-year-old female driver was taken to the Sunshine Hospital in a stable condition.

Car careers into family home at Caroline Springs. Photo: 7News

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