A tow truck driver has captured disturbing video of a mother and a child running a traffic gauntlet at a busy intersection on the Princes Highway in Melbourne's south-east.

The footage shows the woman pushing a pram across the five-lane highway, while another child straggles behind when the lights change to green.

The mother starts to rush across the 80km/h road towards the safety of the median strip, leaving the child to dodge cars as drivers on the front-line of the intersection start to move off.

The moment was caught on a dashboard camera by truck driver Chris Kandelaars at the intersection of Wellington Road and the Princes Highway, Clayton, on Friday.

Child forced to dodge heavy traffic on bush highway. Photo: 3AW/YouTube

Mr Kandelaars told Seven News drivers were forced to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting the pair, adding that it could have quite easily ended in tragedy.

"She started to run as soon as the lights went green and left the child on its own to fend for himself," he said.

"I was thinking 'Oh my God. This kid is going to get hit'.

"There was nothing I could do but sit there and see what was unfolding before me.

"They are extremely lucky. It could have been a real tragedy.

"It was really scary to watch."

Child makes a horror dash across a busy highway in Melbourne's south-east. Photo: 3AW/YouTube

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