FIRST ON 7: A Melbourne taxi driver bashed by a passenger fears the aggressive attack he became victim to was racially motivated.

Ganandeep Sing says he was punched several times and slashed in the face with a weapon when a customer became aggressive and out of control.

The brutal assault has not only injured Sing, but it's left his wife and family traumatised.

"My three-year-old is at home asking where 'Daddy' is, why he hasn't been at home," he said.

"What can you say?"

The father-of-two has fractures to his foot and fingers, as well as a deep cut on his lip after what he describes as a racially motivated attack.

"He was saying the F-word with Indian."

"I'm not an Indian. I was born in in India but I'm an Australian citizen as well."

Sing's wife, Debbie, also weighed in on the racial attack.

"We all bleed the same colour blood, regardless of where we're from," she said.

"We should all be treated the same."

Sing says he tried to kick the drunk passenger out after he began to interfere with the cars controls, and then the situation escalated.

"I was going to shut the door and he just started punching and I think he had something sharp,"

From that moment, things only got worse for the driver.

He pulled over to a BP service station to try and get away from the attack but a fight soon broke out.

He was punched in the head multiple times and even blacked out at one stage.

Police have seized the CCTV from inside the cab to help identify the attacker.

Sing is so traumatised that he doesn't think he can, or will drive cabs again.

"I don't want to put myself in danfer for $15."

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