Iconic Melbourne beach box sells for $400,000
Iconic Melbourne beach box sells for $400,000

Two iconic beach-side bathing boxes on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula fetched record prices in weekend auctions.

A boat shed at Rye, measuring a mere 2m by 3m, was snapped up by a local family for $400,000 while a similar shack at nearby Portsea fetched $440,000.

Real estate agent Tim Leydin told Seven News beach boxes are extremely popular on the property market because they do not go on sale very often.

"They are fairly rare to come by so we always get a very good attendance for a beach box," he said.

"It's a very special market and they've got to be prepared to pay for it."

The seaside shack at Rye has no power or water - and there's just one room - but it does have nice views.

"It' all about location, the beach and bringing the children here," Mr Leydin said. "It's the lifestyle, and the view is magnificent to sit back and watch."

The price has beaten the previous record set for the area of $275,000.

The price tag does not include the land the bathing box sits on as this is council owned.

Mr Leydin added: "It's a fantastic price for Rye. The Peninsula Link will have a huge effect on the price of properties down here."

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