Four sentenced for brutal bashing
Four sentenced for brutal bashing

Four men have been sentenced over a brutal and sickening street attack in Melbourne.

One victim was punched 38 times to the head - his attackers refusing to stop even when he was unconscious.

The attack took place in a laneway between bar twenty on King Street at 5am.

What starts out as a push and shove between two groups quickly erupts into a scene that will shock Melbourne.

One of the victims is punched 38 times to the head as a second man kicks him with brutal and sustained force.

Even when the victim is clearly unconscious, the blows continue for several seconds.

His friend is also brutally bashed with hands and feet just metres away.

The first victim suffered bleeding on the brain, an embolism on the lung. The second victim received a perforated eardrum and bruising.

Both were knocked unconscious during the attack.

Judge Roy Punshon described the attack as both savage and extreme, but conceded there was a level of provocation from the victims.

Jonathon Hinsley, 25, was sentenced to five years jail with a non parole period of two years and five months.

Matthew Hamilton, 22, received a total sentence of four years jail with a minimum sentence of two years three months for the attack and separate armed robbery charges.

Nathan Harrison Johnson, twenty years old, received 120 hours of community service for the lesser charge of affray.

The youngest of the crew, 18-year-old Bradley Holden, will spend three years in youth detention for his part in the attack.

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