Sexist Jeep Facebook picture causes storm
'Sexist' Jeep Facebook picture causes storm

A picture of a woman clad only in a t-shirt, bikini bottoms and high heels sitting on a jeep has caused a social media storm.

Jeep Australia posted the picture on their Facebook yesterday with the following caption: 'Defence force budget cuts may not be a bad thing. Surely this Jeep and uniform are less expensive than what is currently used?'

The picture of the girl, wearing a t-shirt that says ‘I love marine boys’, brief bikini bottoms and high heels, has been doing the rounds since 2007.

As soon as the picture was posted, it received comments such as "Yuck. How sexist," and "You just defined your target market. Goodbye!"

The picture was later removed from the page, however today there are comments from fans complaining about the removal.

One man said "Where's the bikini girls? Seriously, some people are just far too easily offended." Another simply stated:
"We want bikini's(sic)."

According to Mumbrella, Jeep’s marketing director Sam Tabart did not respond to their questions.

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