Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has joined calls to find the thugs who terrorised a French tourist in an ugly attack on a Frankston bus.

Passenger Mike Nayna filmed passengers verbally abusing the girl for singing a song in French on a connecting bus from Edithvale about 10.30pm on Sunday, November 10.

Ted Baillieu condemned the incident, branding it 'absolutely disgraceful'.

"Lets have them identified and we'll find a book to throw at them," he said today.

Within a day of being posted on video sharing website YouTube, the shocking video has drawn almost 346,000 views.

"It was just this weird racial rant that went on too long," Mr Nayna told Seven News.

"It was a bonding session over being horrible, racist and attacking this one girl."

Seven News understands the woman was among a group of backpackers who initially mistook the torrent of abuse for friendly rivalry, but Mr Nayna said things quickly turned nasty.

In the amateur footage, passengers can be heard yelling at the French girl and her mates to 'get off the bus', with some even threatening to kill them.

Caught on camera: Man hurls abuse at French girls singing on a Melbourne bus. Photo: YouTube screenshot

One passenger shouted at the woman sitting at the back of the bus: 'Speak English or die motherf***er'.

He later yelled: 'Everyone on the bus wants to kill ya! You're gonna have to get off eventually b**ch. You worked that out yet?"

Another man - who appears to be pushing a pram - is heard shouting: 'I'll f***ing box cutter you right now doll'.

Mr Nayna said the abusers were drunk and feeding off one another.

"There were other passengers giving the main guy beer. They were all fueling each other," Mr Nayna said.

"It was mob mentality and sad to see."

Three people caught on camera abusing a group of French tourists. Photo: YouTube screenshot

Mr Nayna said he uploaded the video to YouTube in an attempt to shame those responsible for the attack.

"I wasn't happy that everything the next day was going to be the same for those people. I just wanted to make them embarrassed.

"Shame is more powerful than a punishment."

One of the abusive men allegedly smashed a bus window when he got off.

Do you know those involved in the incident? Contact the news desk

Police are investigating and have asked anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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