New life for Melbourne siblings after liver transplants
New life for Melbourne siblings after liver transplants

Melbourne siblings Ramsis and Rama Slewa both suffered an extremely rare liver condition that left them confined to a lightbox for eight hours a day.

Now, after years waiting for lifesaving liver transplants, both children have had surgery are well enough to share their story.

Ten-year-old Ramsis and sixteen-year-old Rama both suffered from a rare inherited liver condition - where the body can't process a chemical in the blood - called bilirubin.

The main problem is the bilirubin builds, is toxic and can cause severe brain damage.

Rama underwent a liver transplant in 2006 and after years of waiting for a donor, her little brother did too.

Rama told 7News: ”I've been through this, i know what he's going to go through right now, so i was scared for him.”

Australia has one of the world's highest success rates for transplants, but in terms of organ donation, we're among the lowest. Ramsis and Rama are living proof of why that needs to change.

Rama says she’s so happy to be living without the lightbox. “My life is like, maybe I'm going to be strong in the future.”

Dad Edward Slewa says: “I'm a very lucky father. We are a very lucky family.”

To the people who donated their organs, a very simple message from mum Hanan Slewa: “Thank you is not enough. Many, many many thank you's is not enough for them. We are so happy for Rama and Ramsis, they are now free.”

For details on how to become an organ donor, visit the Australian Organ Donation Register or Donate Life.

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