Brynne Edelsten breaks her silence
Brynne Edelsten breaks her silence

Reality TV star Brynne Edelsten has broken her silence - revealing her pain and heartbreak over her husband's involvement with another woman he met on the internet.

Geoffrey Edelsten emerged from Victoria's Supreme Court all smiles today after he won an injunction to prevent sales assistant Stacy da Silva speaking about him to the media.

But Edelsten's troubles are far from over as his wife Brynne admits the couple’s marriage has hit a rocky patch.

In an exclusive interview with Channel Seven reporter Kate Osborn, Brynne opened up about the couple's relationship, admitting she is not happy about her husband using a website for sugar daddies.

"It's absolutely heart-breaking," she said.

She says she's shocked he used a website - and became involved with someone else.

"It hurts because it's another woman, I mean, this is my husband, and that's really painful for me.

"We're working on our marriage every day like any other couple, but it's definitely strained it, we've lost some trust there.

"He's crossed boundaries that as far as I'm concerned are inappropriate...It's really difficult," she admits.

Brynne wasn't at court this morning when the former doctor turned publicity junkie won his lawsuit, but it's a hollow victory, with Justice David Beach accusing him of lying under oath.

Details of the case are heavily suppressed, but delivering his judgment Justice Beach said both Dr Edelsten and Ms da Silva were equally untruthful.

He said most of the evidence given by Ms da Silva was "demonstrably false and could not be believed", but he said that Dr Edelsten was "no more an impressive witness than Ms da Silva".

"In summary, I found both Dr Edelsten and Ms da Silva to be unsatisfactory witnesses," he said.

"Both were prepared to mislead me in respect of any matter that they thought they could get away with."

Despite their own trust issues, Brynne has defended her husband, insisting he is no liar.

"I don't consider my husband a liar. Everyone has made poor choices as he did in this case, but he won the case and that shows something right there," she said.

As if Edelsten hadn't spent enough time in court lately, this afternoon he was in the Magistrates' Court pleading guilty to failing to provide documents to the Tax Office.

He was fined and placed on a good behaviour bond.

His behaviour is now crucial to the success of his marriage, but Brynne is hopeful of a positive outcome.

"We're going through some really tough times," she said. "This has been a really tough year, but we are working at it. I don't know what's going to happen, hopefully we can make good of everything.

"I'm definitely committed 100 per cent to my marriage right now, and I believe Geoff is also. I think any time when you're married, you hope for the best."

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