The makers of Victoria Bitter claim they are going back to the beer's full strength formula because of complaints from drinkers.

Carlton United Breweries lowered its alcohol content from 4.9 per cent to 4.6 per cent in 2009, to avoid a higher excise.

But after 19 years as Aussie's favourite beer, Victoria Bitter was knocked off the top spot by rival brand XXXX Gold.

It's market share dropped from 21 to 14 per cent, with punters complaining its taste had changed.

CUB spokesman Andy Gibson told Seven News: "By giving them the beer that they've enjoyed for decades back, we're confident that we'll see sales stabilise and indeed return some growth."

Pubs and bars will begin to stock the original Victoria Bitter from October..

Victoria Bitter will also return to its old packaging and advertising slogan in a bid to lure back its drinkers.

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