Molly Meldrum has declared himself fully recovered, eight months after a fall that nearly killed him.

The music industry legend told reporter Dean Felton he's as busy now as before his accident.

Meldrum, 66, suffered serious head injuries after falling three metres at his Richmond home on December 15, last year.

He spent five weeks at Melbourne's Alfred hospital before being transferred to the Epworth Rehabilitation hospital.

He had post-traumatic amnesia, with symptoms including short-term memory loss and disorientation.

But even those memory lapses have gone.

Molly flies around the world for work, and his doctors even allow him the occasional tipple.

"They've said one or two, though occasionally. Nothing like I used to you know," he said.

However, the shock death of long-time friend Darryl Cotton left him shaken and reflective.

The iconic Aussie pop star, actor and TV host lost his battle with liver cancer last month.

"He didn't smoke, he didn't drink and then something like this happens," Molly told Seven News.

Molly has admitted that he could have worked harder during his slow path to recovery. Eventually, his therapist at Epworth Rehabilitation hospital cracked the whip.

"She finally lost her patience," he said. "She said 'right you are coming tomorrow and quite frankly you have run out of excuses' so I was there at 9am."

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