Olympic basketball star Rachel Jarry has returned home with a bronze medal and a message for city leaders to make Melbourne's streets safe.

The 20-year-old and her friend Megan Hustwaite, were bashed, kicked and robbed by a drunken teenage gang as they walked to their car after a night out in the city in January.

Ms Jarry overcame the effects of the savage bashing in the lead up to her Olympic campaign, but admits the experience will haunt her forever.

"I don't think it's something that will ever leave me...I'm sure there will be instances when it affects me when I'm not expecting it," she told Seven News reporter @DeanFelton7.

"It does make you wary of going out to the city late at night, but I think everyone just needs to be cautious and stick to the main roads."

Jarry said she felt a sense of relief after finding out about her attacker's sentence shortly before the Opals' match against Russia on August 3.

The gang ringleader Jessica Croucher, 19, has just begun a three-year term in a youth justice centre.

"She'll be away for a while," Ms Jarry said. "It's good closure for myself and the other victims."

The encounter has prompted Ms Jarry to raise awareness about the dangers of violence in the city and call for improved safety on our streets.

"I felt like it was important to raise awareness about the violence that happens quite regularly in the city," she said.

"The police are trying to get on top of that, and I think it's important that they're given enough resources to do that."

The public will be able to congratulate Ms Jarry and other Australian athletes at a welcome home parade in Melbourne next Wednesday.

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