Facebook party ends in wild street brawl
Facebook party ends in wild street brawl

A housewarming party descended into chaos and ended in a wild street brawl at Jan Juc after it was advertised on Facebook.

More than 100 drunken youths trashed the house in Strathcairn Avenue before spilling onto the street where they caused further bedlam, the Geelong Advertiser reports.

Holes were smashed in the walls and ceiling of the house, windows were shattered and bottles and glass strewn across the floor during the riotous gathering on Saturday night.

Apparently fuelled by alcohol, the gatecrashers then reportedly began vandalising cars on the street and a police van, smashing windows and kicking off side mirrors.

At one point, more than 40 people were rioting in the street.

Police were called after several neighbours complained about drunk people on the street.

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The party ended when police were forced to deploy capsicum spray to quell the rowdy crowd.

The hosts, two women aged 19 and one aged 20, moved into the house just six weeks ago, but are now facing hefty fines and a massive clean up bill.

They told the Geelong Advertiser they had planned a 'low-key' party and invited around 50 guests on Facebook.

But word quickly spread and more than 150 unwanted guests turned up to the house with alcohol.

The women say they asked the intruders to leave, but the party quickly got out of hand.

"We don't want to be the next Corey Worthington," one said.

"We're just really sorry about what happened."

Police are yet to lay charges against the vandals.

The housemates are planning to write a letter of apology to their neighbours.

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