Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson is set to front a junior league tribunal for swearing at an umpire representative.

Clarkson admitted to abusing a 19-year-old official while a runner for his son's under-nine's football match at Ormond on Sunday.

He was charged with 'unacceptable behaviour of a bench official' following an investigation by the South Metro Junior Football League.

Clarkson has now been asked to face the junior league's tribunal at a date to be confirmed.

The league said in a statement: "The South Metro Junior Football League can confirm that it has completed its investigation into an incident involving an umpire representative and an Ormond JFC team official during an Under 9 NAB Lightning Carnival held on Sunday 22nd July at King George Reserve in East Bentleigh.

"The SMJFL can confirm that the Ormond JFC team official, along with Ormond JFC, have been fully cooperating with the League.

"Following a review of the club response, the SMJFL can confirm it has completed its investigation and the Ormond JFC team official has been charged with ‘unacceptable behaviour of a bench official’.

"The team official will be required to front the Independent Tribunal at a time and date to be confirmed."

Clarkson said he was attempting to re-organise the players when both teams began to kick to the same goal, and repeatedly tried to explain the situation to an off-field league official when he was instructed to leave the ground.

"I was just trying to get the game back in to some sort of balance after two teams were kicking in the same direction," he told a Channel Seven reporter earlier today.

Clarkson, dubbed Angry Al, has apologised for the language used in his exchange with the official.

"I shouldn't have used the language I did to him, and the issue got blown out of all sorts of proportion because of the manner in which we spoke to one another.

"We've learnt our lesson and we'll move on. I have got to be a bit smarter and more careful with my involvement with junior footy," he added.

"I've been pretty remorseful in terms of drawing attention to myself and my football club. From this point onwards, I'd like to try and take a back seat and let our actions on the ground do the talking."

The incident came a day after Clarkson's angry outburst when he put his hand through a wall in the MCG coaches' box during the Hawks' win over Collingwood on Saturday.

Clarkson has agreed to pay for repairs.

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