Save a life: Give blood
Save a life: Give blood

A Melbourne boy's brave battle to live has highlighted the importance of blood donation.

Three-year-old David Johnson is learning to walk again after a six month battle with leukemia and a stroke.

David began chemotherapy in January, but an adverse reaction caused a bleed and blood clot on his brain.

To relieve pressure on his brain, surgeons at the Royal Children's Hospital removed part of David's skull.

But dozens of blood transfusions have kept David going, and his parents, Kate and Steve Johnson, say their little boy has been saved by the generosity of others.

"In our case for David it saved his life. I would just encourage everybody, if they possibly can, to give blood," Kate said.

With blood supplies at critical levels, David's family and friends are now spreading the word.

To keep blood supplies at a sufficient level over the upcoming long weekend, the Red Cross Blood Service needs at least 2,000 donors across the nation.

Kathy Bowen of the Red Cross Blood Service said: "We'd like O and A donors to come forward, but in fact during winter we always have a drop off and with a long weekend coming up, any donor would be welcome."

For more information on how you can become a blood donor visit the Australian Red Cross website or call 131495.

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