Vic victim 'obsessed' with ex, court told

Amber Wilson

The ex-lover of a woman allegedly murdered in regional Victoria claims the mother-of-four was "obsessed" with him and regularly gave him money and gifts.

Christine and Ronald Lyons, who are not related, are standing trial for Samantha Kelly's murder in Bendigo in January 2016.

The crown claims Ms Kelly was killed because Christine was infertile and wanted to take custody of the victim's children.

Ms Kelly, a disability pensioner, was struck to the head with a hammer six or seven times by Christine's current partner Peter Arthur on January 22 or 23.

However, the crown alleges the Lyons were part of an "agreement" with Arthur that Ms Kelly should go "on a permanent holiday".

They are also accused of trying to kill the woman with a "cocktail" of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Mark Glare, the former lover of the murdered woman, told the Victorian Supreme Court on Wednesday she was "obsessed" with him and regularly gave him money, clothes and jewellery.

He said he believed he fathered Ms Kelly's youngest child and his brother Matt fathered her other children.

However, he said Ms Kelly went into "hiding" for a period after Matt Glare was accused of pedophilia and was being pursued by the Bandidos outlaw bikies.

Mr Glare described his relationship with Ms Kelly as "hot and cold", and violent at times, with the pair regularly fighting over the child's parentage and custody.

However, Ms Kelly was "constantly" trying to re-establish a relationship with him and wanted to get her "tubes untied" and have another baby with him.

He said that three days before Ms Kelly went missing, he visited her at the bungalow she lived in, at the back of the Lyons' house, to discuss "whether we were going to be together or not".

Mr Glare said Ms Kelly gave him $500 during the visit, just a month after she'd given him a Playstation for Christmas.

But the visit ended in a fight after she made an untrue accusation about his son, and he left.

Mr Glare also claimed Ms Kelly had sometimes been violent with her children.

Shiralee Lyons - Mr Glare's aunt and cousin of accused Ronald Lyons - testified she was close friends with Ms Kelly and described her as a good mother.

She said Christine Lyons described Ronald as "her second husband".

"Samantha loved her kids. She was all about her kids. She loved them and she would have done anything for them," she said.

The trial continues.