Outcry over Vic Uber drivers' conditions

Rachel Gray
Vic Uber drivers strike over low rates

Safety concerns and poor pay are just two of the reasons Uber drivers in Melbourne are being urged to take part in a digital protest.

Ride Share Drivers United (RSDU) has urged Uber drivers to log off their apps on Monday between 6.30am and 5pm in protest over poor pay and working conditions, safety issues, and the company's failure to respond to its concerns.

An Uber spokesman says drivers have the opportunity to raise their concerns during the company's regular roundtable meetings.

It is understood the RSDU has never made contact with Uber directly about the allegations.

An RSDU spokesman says he has not attended the meetings because he is afraid he will lose his job but he has sent emails to Uber with no response.

"It's a serious part of the problem that people are too afraid to come forward," the man, who only wanted to be known as Max, told AAP.

With about 15 Uber drivers maintaining the RSDU website and 1500 people receiving email notifications, Max says he hopes they will be heard during the protest.

The RSDU say some drivers are earning a take-home pay of just $11 an hour after expenses, and before income tax or superannuation.

Safety concerns such as long hours have also been raised.

"We're always happy to speak directly with drivers at our partner support centres" an Uber spokesman said in a statement on Monday.