Vic teachers 'banned from toilet breaks during class'

Vic teachers 'banned from toilet breaks during class'

A Victorian primary school principal has been accused of banning teachers from using the toilet during lessons and speaking to one another in the corridors, according to reports.

News Corp reports staff and parents at the Melbourne school submitted a long list of complaints to the Education Department.

Staff alleged they were charged $60 a year for tea and coffee. Others complained they were banned from talking to fellow staff members in the corridor and playground.

In one of the more serious allegations, staff claimed they were only allowed to go the toilet during class time if they had permission from a principal or another senior staff member.

Teachers claimed on some occasions they were unable to contact the principal or assistant to be excused from class to go to the toilet. It affected their health and ability to concentrate in class.

The principal allegedly told staff if 'they couldn't hold on' they were not fit to teach.

The principal is also accused of threatening to discipline parents over their choice of clothing, manhandling pupils and failing to address bullying complaints.

The allegations were laid out in two letters submitted to the Department in October and December.

Both were obtained by News Corp.

The first complaint involved 33 allegations against the principal.

The second includes witness statements from around 20 parents, staff and former staff.

News Corp has chosen not to identify the school, saying only that it is in a working-class area of Melbourne.

The principal declined to comment.

The Department said it could not comment on individual cases, citing privacy reason.

"The department is committed to ensuring schools are safe and supportive places to learn and work," spokesman Liam Carter said.

"We have procedures in place for dealing with legitimate complaints."